Shipping Artwork

How To Safely Ship Your Original Artwork

Shipping any sort of artwork can be a problem as large items are priced by shipping companies using a complicated system based on both size and weight. More of a problem still is shipping framed, glazed artwork.

We do not recommend shipping framed or glazed material to us due to the likelihood of damage. Sending stretched or mounted canvas is fine. Remove all art from frames before packing. You can leave an overmount on the artwork just so long as the overmount can be easily removed.

Shipping Unmounted Prints

If the artwork is delicate you may find it best to protect it with tissue paper on both the front and the back. You can tape the artwork in its protective tissue to a sturdy piece of card that is larger than the artwork or better still make a triangle out of a folded sheet of paper and place a triangle on all four ends of the print or drawing, then tape each triangle to the cardboard.

Place a second wrapping material like Kraft paper around the artwork and secure with masking tape.

Place one or two layers of corrugated cardboard or mount board on both sides of the art package. Make sure that the cardboard is at least 2 inches larger than the wrapped original.

Tape around the outside of the cardboard pieces so they stay together and the corners of the original are protected from impact damage.

Place the covered artwork in a cardboard box which is close to the size of the cardboard wrapped artwork. Place additional padding material in the box to make sure that the art fits snugly. What protects the artwork from damage is oversized cardboard layers and having the art fit snuggly in the box.

Shipping Company

Choose a shipping company such as Parcelforce or UPS. We like either of these, as over the years we have found them to be the most conscientious when handling items. We recommended that you use a shipper who allows you to insure your art for its full value or at least the price at which it was sold. Although the insurance option adds to the cost, it is very worthwhile as it will secure gentler handling and offers peace of mind.

Remember though to read the small print on any insurance option when shipping or you may be unable to make a claim if the item arrives damaged. The following points are very important:

  • Make sure someone is there to sign for the package on delivery or it may be taken back to the depot.
  • Tell the recipient to check the packaging of the delivery before they sign for it. If it is damaged make sure they sign for it as "damaged", do not sign for it "unchecked".
  • It's also a good idea to keep all of your tracking numbers and receipts from everyone involved just in case a claim must be filed for damage.
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