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Image File Size & Quality

recommended file size

Getting the image file right is probably the most important factor in the whole process, there is an old saying in the printing industry - rubbish in, rubbish out - in other words if you start with a poor quality image file then you will be disappointed with the final result.

Colour Space - For the best results please check your images are saved in RGB colour space and have an embedded profile such as sRGB.

File Size - Image files should be a minimum of 100 ppi at 1:1 (100%) of output or print size. As a general rule bigger is better in terms of file size, however do not simply resize (interpolate or resample) an original file size upwards as this may not improve the print quality. We have have sophisticated software that will resize exactly for output.

We want you to get the best quality fine art print from your artwork or photographic image. If in doubt about your file size or suitability for printing, please contact us first.

Order Proof Prints (or Free Image File Check)

Not sure if your file is suitable for printing to a certain size on your chosen media?

  • Go to our Order Proof Prints page and upload your image file.
  • Enter your desired print size from this image file
  • Choose your desired Print Media
  • You can either order proof prints or just click the Free File Check button.

We will then evaluate your file at the print size you specified and report back our results to you.

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For more information or advice please call Thomas on 0117 952 0105.
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